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All you have to do is assemble and paint your Goblin Hut and take a photo/video! (Adding minis, taking mid-game action-shots, dioramas, videos, or anything that shows the modularity are all HIGHLY encouraged!!)

Then post it on the social media(s) of your choice and send me a link to the post at You'll get a free Bits Box* add-on to your Kickstarter pledge! (For pledges of The Duelist or more, limit to one per account, promotions ends on September 1st)

*A Bits Box contains additional components to add to your options for modular builds. It contains: 4 walls of each type, 4 straight floors, 2 corner floors, 6 straight pillars, 4 corner pillars, 10 cap locks, vertical locks, and floor connectors

Goblin Hut Assembly Video

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